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Laserfiche Solvable Problems That Can Help You Meet Your Organizational Goals (Problem One)

Boston Consulting Group says, “Digital leaders achieve earnings growth that is 1.8 times higher than digital laggards—and more than double the growth in total enterprise value.” 

This statement resonated with us. To this end, we created a series of blog posts regarding what prevents organizations from meeting their goals: "Laserfiche Solvable.” 

Rapid shifts in technology and the workplace have led to increased expectations from — and options for — customers, partners, and employees. Your organization needs to manage more content and processes than ever before in a way that leads to measurable results. Poorly managed and implemented digital technology harms your organizational goals.

After a certain point, unmet goals aren’t the result of you and your team not working hard enough or making the wrong decisions. They result from legacy processes, operations, and systems impeding scalable modernization and enterprise innovation culture.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for overcoming these roadblocks; some aren’t easy to overcome. But there are modern enterprise content management technologies such as Laserfiche that can help you address them and stay ahead of changing business needs.

Problem One -Ever-changing and always-increasing security, compliance, and information governance regulations make it difficult to stay compliant, mitigate risk, and move business forward. Compliance is no longer a matter for just highly-regulated industries.

Modern organizations consume, create, and manage an unprecedented amount of content. Threats to this content increase every day. So does the complexity of the regulatory environment.

As the volume of information grows, the need to comply with numerous regulations and standards for how it should be used, stored, and destroyed grows alongside it. Managing the information lifecycle at this scale with a robust records management tool is feasible and expected. Manual records management is yesterday’s news. Failure to automate records management creates operational inefficiencies and unnecessary security and compliance risks.

Additionally, to keep up, you need automated security and compliance tools that track your information throughout its entire lifecycle across the enterprise. Look for ECM solutions that take security and compliance seriously by prioritizing data classification, data masking and redaction, encryption, role-based access controls, redundant configurations, and the ability to fine-tune security.

A federated retention and records management solution will allow you to automate the lifecycle of your content across various systems and repositories for enhanced operational efficiencies that help support security and compliance requirements.

Finally, look for product functionality for controlled records management, including multiple storage, archival, and destruction options based on predefined schedules.

Stay tuned for the next problem Laserfiche can help you solve, information silos.



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