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Municipal Governments: Best Workflows to Automate with Laserfiche

What daily processes conducted by your agency are driven by paper? Do you print out and file program, service, or job applications? Are databases or your CRM or ERP system updated manually? How do you know when to send out notifications, and can you keep up? These processes can be standardized to a series of steps using Laserfiche–saving you and your team significant time.

Workflow automation for paper-driven processes helps agencies be more efficient and stay compliant. One-way workflow automation helps is in bringing together different departments in your organization. A streamlined system can replace more inefficient ways of communication (such as email) by putting task management in a centralized location and automatically notifying team members of the next step.

Wondering what processes you should automate? Consider those where the mechanics require follow-up letters or forms. Also, examine procedures where a series of tasks and approvals are performed by different team members or departments. Using Laserfiche Workflow to trigger process steps removes the chance that action is skipped or a team member forgot to respond. In addition, rules can be built to update databases and systems, so the need for data entry decreases. Plus, it’s a tedious job so that staff can concentrate on more strategic tasks.

Here are a few suggestions to whet your appetite for Laserfiche Workflow:

  • Comms- One of the government’s primary roles is communications, much of which is periodic and repetitious. Rather than manually sending responses, leverage a tool like Laserfiche Workflow. Imagine sending an automated email to a resident notifying them that the application has been received. Or reminding them of a renewal. You can also set a workflow to alert a resident who has turned in an incomplete application, notifying them automatically that they still need to meet requirements, rather than wasting time reviewing incomplete applications and tracking down the information.

  • Manage assignment handling- The problem with paper-based processes is that routing (either by hand or email) can get lost, be duplicated, or essential data can be lost if it needs to be typed in. Plus, QC is less efficient. Compliance-type processes may end up sitting in someone’s email queue, waiting for approval. With automation, the centralized location of digital documents means there's no need to search through different network drives to track down the information or instructions they need. The project manager or department head can view the current status of the process from a centralized dashboard, quickly identifying missing approvals or steps. They can even run reports. Ultimately, this creates greater accountability.

  • Trigger notifications from system changes- Searches become more accessible and faster with automation; need notification if a landlord has completed his portion of the CalCares application? We can do that. Need a quick list of all the business licenses filed in Q3? No problem. This functionality prevents significant changes from being missed and ensures mistakes are caught. With Laserfiche Workflow and CPS, you’ll have the power to automate complex or straightforward workflows and break down communication issues between departments or with residents.

We strongly advise our clients to learn as much about LF Workflow as they can. Here’s a taste of our training. Enjoy!



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