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Special Districts Can Evolve Their Tech Stack Despite Budget Challenges

At the California Special Districts Association conference, we heard two things:

  1. “Laserfiche is exactly what we need.”

  2. “Oh, but we could never actually afford Laserfiche.”

I hunkered down and did some research and came across these statistics in a study conducted in 2019 by AT&T and Government Technology.

  • 56% of Special Districts say that infrastructure modernization is a significant challenge.

  • 42% lack the funds or resources to pursue innovation.

This study also included several case studies, one of which was a small Municipal authority in PA. This agency secured a grant for 75K and was able to go paperless, purchase GIS software and build a citizen service portal. While the project manager revealed the size of the grant, it is difficult to discern how much each component costs.

Taking all this into account, we’re putting together special pricing for special districts offering using Laserfiche Cloud. Organizations are seeing the advantages of cloud-based Laserfiche for a few critical reasons:

  • At the size of a “small” special district, cloud solutions are almost always cheaper than on-premise because the organization isn’t paying for hardware or on-site maintenance (IT staff).

  • Risk is mitigated because the Laserfiche Cloud is secure. After all, the platform comes standard with security measures such as encryption, multi-factor authentication, granular access rights. and other security features.

  • They gain improved ease of access by allowing employees and other authorized users to retrieve digitized content even when they’re not in the office. This functionality was extraordinarily useful during the pandemic and is still useful for remote access or field workers.

  • Laserfiche cloud is inherently flexible―scaling up and down as necessary. You won’t need to add hardware or servers, so the cost is related to headcount and functionality, which is easier to justify to management.

  • Laserfiche Cloud has just added handwriting capture to its features, which is perfect for inspectors or field workers.

If any of the above Laserfiche features and functionality strike a chord with you and we haven’t contacted you yet we can be reached at



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