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2022 EOY Best of the CPS Blog

As we wrap up the year, we decided to share the top blog posts for 2022. You can check out what everyone’s reading if you've missed one!

We would love to create more case study webinars. We see that the recordings of webinars are very popular, so we will continue creating and making them available afterward. If you are interested in being featured, please let us know.

Here are the top posts:

View the Recording: The City of La Quinta Webinar- The fact that this is number one is no surprise. City Clerk Monika Radeva has imagined and deployed quite a forward-thinking form of information management. We also created a written article about them (here) if that’s your preferred method of content consumption.

Ask Me Anything Webinar: Workflow- This webinar attempts to cover Laserfiche Workflow at a 101-level. We write and webinar ;) about Workflow frequently because it’s a way to get the most value from Laserfiche.

Trusted Systems- 2022 has been the year for the Trusted System curious. Here’s a post with some detail about the California guidelines ARP1 (2009).

Commentary on the WSJ Article- It’s Time to Get Rid of IT- Clearly, we don’t think IT should be eliminated. However, we appreciate it when IT is embedded in the organization's business side. Business analysts run many of our more mature deployments of LaserFiche.

CPS Wins Laserfiche’s Coveted Customer Choice Award- This was our announcement regarding the receipt of the award. We are really proud of this, so thanks for reading!

Tips and Tricks- Formatting the Month Field in Laserfiche Forms- Laserfiche Forms is a popular product as it is a structured way to ask for and receive information that can then drive workflows or be pushed into other business systems.

Webinar: Leveraging the Value of Laserfiche Capture- Fundamentally, Laserfiche Capture Tools can process high volumes of content, extract critical data and use it to update systems or organize files. This webinar demonstrates IRL examples of capture.



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