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How to Import a Laserfiche Forms Business Process

To access the Business Process Library

  1. In the top navigation bar, click Design.

  2. In the Designer dialog box, click Business Process Library.

  3. Under Business Process Library, filter by the desired category or industry.

  4. Click on a process to view additional details about a process.

  5. In the process details page, click one of the options in the top right:

  • Click Download Files to download a briefcase that sets up your process in your repository. When you open the briefcase, a folder path, templates, and fields are created in your repository so that when you import the process, the process connects to your repository. Once the files are downloaded, click Import Process to import the process that uses the downloaded files. You can find the location where the files are stored in the description of the process.

  • Click Import Process to import the actual process to your machine. When you click Download Files first, the imported processes automatically connects to your repository.

Note: Each process is marked with a complexity level ranging from 1 to 3 (I to III). Complexity level I processes are Forms-only processes with a limited number of user tasks. Complexity level II processes include several user tasks and may also include a Workflow process. Complexity level III processes may involve multiple Forms and Workflow processes and include additional documentation when downloaded.

The Download Files and Import Process actions create a new Forms business process with pre-configured activities and forms. For many areas that require your specific organization's information, the process template fills in initial default values. You must review and modify these initial settings before running the process.


Process templates will include one or more of the following potential areas of configuration.

Note: Please view the annotations on downloaded process diagrams for information on process specific details that may require additional configuration.



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