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In 2022: What Will Agencies Be Looking for in ECM?: Part Two

Earlier in the week, we explored some of our Laserfiche clients’ trends we are predicting. So far, we’ve covered how usability, customization, and AI intersect for an enterprise-class Laserfiche implementation. For this post, we’ll discuss mobility and hybrid environments.

Mobile Access: Immediate and Easy

When consumer applications first went to mobile, they served as a test case for organizational use. Today, as we rebound from the pandemic, agencies have increasingly become mobilized, enabling staff to deliver citizen services anytime, anywhere.

Timely? Yes. Most enterprises plan to invest in increasing mobile capabilities in the next year as many were unprepared for the everything-remote environment of pandemic citizen services. Additionally, most experts predict that flex-time options will continue. Work is no longer done solely within a specific place and time and is increasingly being done in part or whole on mobile devices. Mobilizing the tools employees use ensures high productivity and engagement by enabling access to data and workflows anytime, anywhere. The combination of Laserfiche and mobility helps remote workers stay seamlessly connected to business content, processes, and coworkers. Remember the customizations we talked about in the previous post? One of our customizations to the Laserfiche App is to use it for checking in and receiving freight. A job that has always required some mobile capabilities.

Up to You: Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid

Increasingly, the ability to access data quickly and efficiently (in seconds) has become THE critical component of business agility. Cloud computing was created because of this requirement, and those following the cloud-first ethos insist it is essential. On the other hand, organizations have made significant investments in on-premises. As the digital landscape evolves, some organizations are looking for a mechanism to use before they (if they) commit to the cloud. Many have decided a hybrid approach is a reliable method to update their infrastructure and content services. Laserfiche’s hybrid solution uses its web client to provide access to hosted content and enable collaboration with third parties, business partners, and customers,

Agility, especially when working with compliance, DR, or Trusted Systems, requires significant shifts in mindset and process. A phased approach and a solution like Laserfiche that supports a hybrid environment is the flexible option that protects your current IT investments and allows agility in the future.



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