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In Volatile Times or Boom Times- Reset with What is Functional

While staying current on the latest technological advances and coming up with innovative ideas are important aspects of the IT manager/director’s job, the ability to practically deliver against strategic goals, projects, or even pandemics is crucial. When staff sees something that has been practically implemented with tangible outcomes and solid ROI, it creates demand for how they can benefit, how their ideas can be delivered in a similar capacity, and/or how they can take what has been completed in and tweak it for their work environment. This point of inflection, combined with the strategic vision and an actively involved management sponsor, can create a shift that can begin to change the culture and empower a workforce to think differently. For example, the City of Los Angeles used this practicality-based innovation to deliver on the below goals:

  • Empowering the workforce

  • Seeing data as a utility across departments

  • Engaging civic communities digitally

  • Transforming procurement

  • Mobility

It’s this precisely, pragmatic approach that results in many agencies using data and analytics to improve decision-making, user-centric design methods to adopt digital services, creating web-centric fulfillment models, and enhancing cross-departmental collaboration to improve efficiency. One method we see is municipalities using Laserfiche as a foundation for their WFH pandemic response. Information access (mobile and thin client), the ability to participate in workflows, provide citizen services such as public records requests and overall records management--conducted safely from home or as an A/B staff operation.

In addition, some agencies are finding that their use of Laserfiche has become even further embedded in the work processes. This is because Laserfiche is purpose-built for functional, practical use. The next time you need to reimagine how you capture, store, or retrieve content (onsite or offsite), Laserfiche should be at the core of the solution. During the next few months, we plan to demonstrate this to you. At CPS, part of our promise to our VIP clients is unlimited training, I strongly suggest you take us up on this, For our other clients, we’re putting together a group of “101” webinars for beginners and experts so that all our clients can leverage the efficiencies offered. If you can’t make the date (Sept. 30th at 11 AM PDT) we plan to record and host them on our website.



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