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Invoice Data Capture

Accounts payable departments use Laserfiche to control, streamline, track and improve the speed of their invoice processes. Laserfiche invoice processing can be integrated with your ERP or run in parallel. Some reasons for processing invoices in Laserfiche is to pull valuable data into other systems, save time and go paperless For this demonstration, we’ll open the batch folder in the Laserfiche client. Here you can see quite a few invoices. Please note that these invoices are from different vendors, there’s no standardized layout for them, but with Laserfiche it is not a problem. You can capture the data that you need. I’ll press the invoice capture button. Workflow runs in the background, grabbing the invoices from the batch folder. As the invoices are processed they will initially disappear. Then you will see the metadata pulled from the template fields. We’re capturing date invoice and total. Now we can page through and conduct a quick quality and accuracy check. The date, invoice # and amount are highlighted so QA is easy. And the fields in the template on the right have been populated with the data from each invoice. If you are interested in learning more about CPS’s invoice processing with Laserfiche please check the resources section of



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