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New Product Customization: The Automated Redaction You Always Wanted

Auto Redaction.....Hooray!

Many of our municipal clients know that frequently documents that you have to disclose publicly often contain personally identifiable information (PII). This process often involves tedious copy making and redacting by hand, so that you may post a copy of the original. Some agencies use Laserfiche’s OOB redaction tools, but this feature of QuickFields (QF) is often not flexible or robust enough. Unfortunately, some of these disclosed documents can be hundreds of pages, and the field values aren’t always found in the same place, so regular pattern matching isn't an easy solution.

Recently we worked with a client that was mandated to disclose a document with almost one thousand pages and wanted to automatically redact multiple PII field types such as ‘account number’ and ‘social security number’ that appeared on every page but in different locations on the page. We put our heads together and built a solution using the QF tools that did just that. The original is stored in LF as is. Our tool makes a copy of the document (for posting on their website) and auto-redacts the field values on the document copy. BUT wait there’s more, we developed a report so the client could see exactly how many occurrences of those redactions there were and for which field values. Pretty cool, right?

If you are interested in learning more, please, contact us.



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