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What We Are Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Instead of writing a technology post, we thought it would be nice to share a list of what we at CPS are thankful for this year:

We are thankful to local agencies for delivering digital services and being great clients!

We are thankful for records managers and IT people; what would we do without you?

We are thankful for all the Laserfiche champions within our client base! You impress us every day!

We are thankful for our private sector clients; we admire how you continually innovate!

We are thankful to our services team for being the cheerful face of CPS; they work hard to make clients happy!

We are thankful for our CPS development team, without whom we wouldn’t have our portfolio of integrations, customizations, apps, etc.

We are thankful for Laserfiche and our Laserfiche regional team! We can’t imagine our business without you!

We are thankful for the industry organizations we work with, like, CCAC, MISAC, and CSDA, and we are grateful that we got to see you all in person this year!



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