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2024 Best of the CPS Blog

Greetings and Happy New Year!

It’s the end of the year, and everyone is creating best-of lists, and we are, too! As per our yearly tradition, we’ve created a list of blog posts with the most views. If you’ve already seen the post or watched the video and think it is appropriate, please pass it along to a colleague! Not surprisingly, videos are generally the most popular, followed by case studies and articles.

  • This webinar was a slight departure for us. Instead of a technical approach, we worked with a client on best practices for communications for a Laserfiche deployment. We once read that according to PMI, 90(!) percent of project management IS communications. That quote was the inspiration for this webinar.

  • Laserfiche doesn’t exist in a vacuum. We encourage clients to think about ECM from a systems level rather than a siloed application. To this end, we invited systems integrator Velosimo to conduct a webinar about their integrative middleware platform. Integrating Laserfiche with other business-critical applications expands the reach of your records and document management program. Check out the webinar here.

  • As the top Laserfiche Preferred Partner in California, CPS was selected to participate in a webinar about the Laserfiche Roadmap. Led by the Laserfiche product team, this webinar addressed issues like moving to the cloud, the next six months to a year of feature releases, analyst reviews, and more. You can watch the webinar here.

  • Case studies continue to be popular, And we like to showcase users at different levels of deployment maturity. This popular case features an agency’s digital transformation, as told by the City Clerk. Here’s the post.

  • Records management is critical for business operations, but not all organizations have a records manager. OR if they do, is records management solely their responsibility? Find out here!

  • We tell our clients this all the time, but it bears repeating. You need to be strategic about your digital transformation efforts. This includes conducting a SWOT analysis. Check out our thoughts here.

  • The development of Laserfiche Cloud revolutionized the industry. Since everyone will eventually migrate to the cloud or self-hosted, many clients were curious to look at Laserfiche Cloud. We created the video to help.

If you have an interesting Laserfiche story and want to be featured in a case study, interview, or webinar, please ping me. We’d love to hear more about your transformation!



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