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4 Evaluation Questions for Your Prospective Laserfiche Partner

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools are critical tools for businesses and agencies that are looking to streamline operations and manage important content more effectively. With data volumes growing in size and velocity, organizations are utilizing ECM solutions to meet standards of workplace collaboration, shareability, mitigate risk, and manage regulatory compliance. The main function of enterprise content management is to give organizations easy, consistent access to their most important data, no matter where it lies, whether virtually or physically, whether on-prem, in the cloud, or in some other disparate location. Choosing a Laserfiche solution partner can be a difficult and daunting task. To assist you in your decision-making process, here are four questions you should be asking your potential provider before choosing which offering is right for your organization:

  • What are your automation capabilities? What are some examples of automatons you have built for clients? The days of find-and-file for ECM are long gone. You’ll find your best ROI in automation. Hence, it’s important to be absolutely sure that the Laserfiche Partner you use has experience solving a variety of process problems and that they know how to train their clients to do the same. Another area that isn’t often examined is automating batch processing and auto-indexing. Your solution should provide tools to automate routine tasks and activities. Most highly-skilled partners standardly offer auto-indexing and have a variety of automation capabilities. When your team saves time through automation, your organization saves money and can redirect staff resources to more strategic tasks.

  • What’s your experience with integrations? Regardless of the organization, when searching for a Laserfiche partner, users, and IT teams especially, will want to be certain that the partner has the integration chops to integrate with all “in-house” software and hardware. Make sure to inquire about your current LOB software, and ask for examples of integration success stories with Laserfiche. Teams want a software solution that integrates seamlessly within traditional systems so it fits in with the rhythm of their work.

  • Can I get a live person on a support call? Sometimes online convenience and phone messages are not as ideal as discussing a challenge in person. Make sure your partner’s support team has a reputation of being available when they’re needed. And be sure that you aren’t just troubleshooting with a low-level tech. Beware of a partner that relies on automated messages that apologize for delays due to unusually high call volumes. When you need service, those messages are frustrating.

  • How will you make collaboration easy for us? When content drives a business process, it often requires collaboration among employees. Your partner should offer a comprehensive Laserfiche solution with a suite of collaboration capabilities. As you research partners, ask what methods the Laserfiche Partner uses to facilitate the sharing of information across distributed workgroups. It is a necessity that a content management solution offers features that enable document collaboration to help workers make informed decisions. More Laserfiche providers are integrating innovative customizations into products, realizing that this is an important trend as users now demand document-sharing capabilities within a user-friendly environment.

Hope these questions will prove useful. One final point I’d like to make is that be sure you thoroughly check references. Ask for multiple contacts within the reference account to get a measure of how the prospective partner can work with IT and the business units.



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