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Announcement: CPS Webinars and Your Laserfiche Skill Level

We're Tweaking Our Material Thanks to Your Feedback

You may have noticed, we’ve been stepping up our content creation efforts. We, now, send out a newsletter and we’ve got a few webinars under our belts. It’s interesting (and cool), that when you have a large and diverse customer base, you get loads of valuable feedback. A comment was recently made that we overshot the user skill level needed to get the most value from our latest webinar. In short, it was shared that clients couldn’t follow along with the webinar because we were showing views, features, and functions that the audience had never seen before. We weren’t clear about what material we were going to cover and I am sorry for that.

So, that doesn’t happen again. We are moving forward on a few projects. First, we’ve created prerequisite skill levels (below) that we can refer to in all future webinar communications. Second, we are working on a few red-level videos so those clients can see a basic, easy, intro to Laserfiche. The videos will be available on our website. We’ll post the thin client first and then we’ll do the thick. Finally, we are brainstorming future webinar content through the lens of the skill set rather than the topic. We’re excited to deliver on this request and look forward to other feedback you may have!

Critical Capabilities Categorized for Laserfiche Skill Levels


  • Has not seen the Laserfiche UI

  • Has never logged-in to Laserfiche

  • Has never used any enterprise content management system


  • Knows how to sign-in to the thick or thin client. Works solely in one or the other

  • Understands basic Laserfiche UI navigation

  • Can conduct basic document searches using the search feature

  • Can browse to a folder or document

  • Can import/snapshot/scan/OCR a document into Laserfiche and assign a template


  • Can perform document import/ batch scan. Understands capture and/or Quickfields

  • Understands some features in the three views: search, document, browser

  • Can use advanced search functionality (global, boolean, save searches)

  • Uses records management functionality. Can manage records in Laserfiche

  • Participates (or can participate) in workflows and document collaboration. Understands the basics of business process

  • Uses Laserfiche features and functions to participate in the agenda management process

  • Has a global understanding of digital capture, storage, management, and process within Laserfiche

  • Displays an understanding of metadata management and templates

  • Is comfortable using and navigating the thick or thin client


  • Can perform business analyst functions and understands how to implement, improve, and digitizes analog document processes

  • Understands all main features and functions of the three views: search, document, browser

  • Can perform most search types

  • Can build and participate in workflows and business processes (i.e. records management, agenda management, hiring, invoicing, etc.)

  • Can build QuickFields sessions, Understands advanced capture functions

  • Can build a basic form. Understands forms functions

  • Understands image enablement

  • Can perform some systems admin functions

  • Can set up users, manage user security and deploy licensing

  • Comprehends how Laserfiche integrates and operates within the Windows environment

  • Is capable of training staff on Laserfiche



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