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Center for Digital Government Says Cloud Is Trending (Again)

Once again, according to our friends at eRepublic, cloud technology is a topic of great interest for agencies. We’ve been discussing it for about a decade, unpacking the cloud's potential transformative ability for Laserfiche and digital service delivery. Here are some interesting stats from eRepublic:

  • 75% of surveyed local governments have 10% or more of their IT in the cloud.

  • Nearly 40% of these municipalities believe 50% of their IT assets WILL move to the cloud.

So what does this mean? Public sector organizations are still and will keep investing in the cloud. And there’s still much opportunity for growth. We’re seeing movement or planning for movement to the cloud for agencies. Legacy modernization and digital transformation have long been goals within government, with many municipalities incrementally adopting cloud-based solutions and migrating some of their systems to virtualized environments. However, a favorable federal funding environment allows governments to make critical long-term technology investments.

If you think about it, cloud computing is a foundational change in how information technology resources are invented, developed, deployed, scaled, updated, maintained, and paid for. Most simply, cloud computing uses computing resources (hardware and software) that deliver a service over a network, typically the Internet. These cloud-based platforms deployed for solutions like Laserfiche can streamline operations and provide better customer service.

Not too long ago, high-performance computing was out of reach for most local governments because of the required massive capital expenditure. But the cloud has made such computing capacity available to anyone. Through cloud-based tools such as ECM, cities can gain faster insights that help them visualize and plan for everything from public transportation to water infrastructure. Agencies are increasingly digital and interconnected, and moving core applications to the cloud can unleash the computing power to bring everything together for citizens.

Alignment across the agency is crucial for execution. Local government leaders have learned that onboarding staff, management, and elected officials foster alignment. Also, ensuring you have the technical competence, in-house or outsourced. Cloud systems can be complex, and there’s an entire set of activities (like backfile conversions, change management, etc.) that need to happen before the migration that requires the whole team to work toward the same goal over a significant period of time.

The long-awaited transition to the cloud is here. The time to adopt is now. If you’ve got questions about transitioning your Laserfiche deployment to the cloud, contact us at

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