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Common Business Document Problems Solved by Laserfiche

Because of the prevalence of COVID, It looks like this year will be another filled with virtual meetings. Some prospective clients have told me with the increase of remote work has further revealed the inefficiencies of business documents.

You’ll find that the following challenges are all too common when collaborating with colleagues and clients, causing unnecessary stress.

  • It can be difficult to find the documents you are looking for. For instance: during a remote meeting you rush to find the meeting agenda. There are multiple versions sent as attachments to different emails. It’s frustrating to constantly chase the right information.

  • Sharing documents and comments in a Teams or Slack, UGH! You start off sharing the link to the document in the chat window. As the day goes on, multiple links are shared back and forth, plus comments are made in the chat window and within the various documents. Four days later, you’ve forgotten wherein the chat string the links reside, which is the most current,

and which comments are important. You are forced to reread and relive the whole chat log all over.

  • Security and confidentiality are important. As a matter of practice, you record your meeting because it’s about the budget and you don’t want to miss details. Members of your team are sending changes to the corresponding contracts through chat. But wait! Is this really a secure way to share sensitive corporate information? Someone should ask IT.

  • Where does the must-have-this-minute document reside? Just before the meeting, you search for a critical document. Is it on your laptop? Your desktop? Your tablet? Ten minutes later than you originally planned⸺you are able to join the meeting armed with the correct information.

Your Solution: Laserfiche

I’ll be the situations described above have happened to you. It’s a shame that you’ve wasted all that time searching and finding the right documents. All those minutes here and there really add up. Experts assert that knowledge workers spend up to 50% of their time looking for documents and it takes almost 20 minutes to find each document.

Using Laserfiche, you can search and retrieve all of your documents in seconds using one, centralized system. No more browsing through file folders housed in various drives or located on an entirely different device. Using metadata, Laserfiche allows you to search your entire ecosystem. Even better, we could integrate Laserfiche with your chat system or any other business system you require. Bottom-line, Laserfiche lets you fast-track remote work by breaking down information silos that exist in separate applications, repositories, devices, and systems.



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