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(Tips & Tricks) - Quick Key Shortcuts

Quick Key Shortcuts

Creating a shortcut to Auto open Laserfiche to a specific document, folder or search.

Thick Client (has to be installed on PC)

The below screenshot is from the properties of a shortcut created for the Laserfiche client. By default, this shortcut is placed on your desktop after installation. Right clicking on the shortcut and choosing properties will display the below interface.

The first thing to note is the Shortcut key: field. By inserting the letter “L” it now allows me to quickly open the client by pressing the “Crtl + Alt + L” keys simultaneously.

Secondly, the “Target” line can be appended with switches to perform certain actions when the shortcut is opened.

  • -W (Use Windows Authentication)

  • -U (User Name)

  • -P (Password)

  • -L (Repository Name)

  • -E (Entry ID)

  • -S (Search)

You will notice this example we are using the -W -L and -E switches which are appended to the end of the “Target” line. The -W passes my Windows credentials.

The -U and -P can be used in conjunction instead. The case sensitive repository name follows the -L. In our example it is -L”GRMS”

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Laserfiche\Client\LF.exe" -W -L"GRMS" -E11221

The last switch in our example is the -E which allows us to open our Quality Assurance folder by default by entering the “Entry ID” of the desired object. This can be a folder or a document. In our example the “FROM COPY MACHINE” folder ID is used (11221). This is found by right clicking on the desired object and choosing properties.

Another useful switch is the -S which allows us to activate a search when opeing the shortcut. The advanced search syntax can be obtained in the client by establishing the search you want and then turning on the advanced search syntax and copying the query. See screenshot below.

This is the query we copied from the clients advanced search syntax option.

{[]:[Record Series]="Contracts and Agreements"} & ({LF:Tags="Needs to be reviewed"})

Keep in mind that quotation marks in command line parameters need to be escaped with a backslash before each quotation mark. So, the above syntax should look like this:

{[]:[Record Series]=\"Contracts and Agreements\"} & ({LF:Tags=\"Needs to be reviewed\"})

Now our “Target” line will look like this:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Laserfiche\Client\LF.exe" -W -L"GRMS" -S”{[]:[Record Series]=\"Contracts and Agreements\"} & ({LF:Tags=\"Needs to be reviewed\"})”

Thin Client (Web based, no installation is needed.)

This shortcut will prove to be a little easier to configure. Just simply path to the object in Web Access that you would like to set up as the default and then copy the link from the address line and append it into the “Target” line like we did with the thick client shortcut. The “Target” line should look something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application\msedge.exe" http://localhost/laserfiche/browse.aspx?repo=GRMS#?id=11221

This is a search that we performed to bring back all the Contracts and Agreements that need to be reviewed:

http://localhost/laserfiche/browse.aspx?repo=GRMS#? view=search&search=%7BLF:tags%20%3D%20%22 Needs%20to%20be%20reviewed%22%7D%20%26%20%7B%5 B%5D:%5BRecord%20Series%5D%20%3D%20%22 Contracts%20and%20Agreements%22%7D You don’t need to understand the syntax you just need to copy it and add it to your shortcut’s “Target” line.



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