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Critical Concerns About Document Handling Still Exist

Even though ECM has been in existence since the late ‘80s of the last century, there are still some issues that keep surfacing. Data security company Nitro, had some interesting statistics that reveal we still aren’t using ECM to its full capacity. For instance:

  • 92% of professionals collaborate on and review documents via email.

  • 45% of companies report that it takes over a week to get a contract signed.

  • The average worker shares 6 documents as email attachments each day.

While still surprising these numbers reflect where we stand and where we need to go. In short, if 2020 has taught us anything, it is how important anywhere, anytime access to information is as well as the importance of collaboration. Hence, agencies require diverse and flexible tools to make staff’s work as hassle-free as possible and these tools will be an indispensable part of the organization’s tech stack. As old models shift to more collaborative frameworks, content services tools like Laserfiche should be leveraged to facilitate that recalibration.

These days staff need remote access to organizational information and files. In addition, they needed the same experience from home as they would at the office. By far, the number one most vital part of any successful remote, flexible work strategy has to do with an ECM platform at the center. At its core, an information management system is precisely what it sounds like — a solution designed to facilitate not only the storage of critical data but also the organization and retrieval of that same information.

Laserfiche provides remote access to information from anywhere in the world and from any device. Now, employees can work from anywhere — the hotel, their home, in the field… anywhere.

In 2021 we look forward to moving past just enabling collaboration into an age of upgrading it. From sharing documents to co-authoring, to processing forms, technologies like Laserfiche ease the burden of remote/anytime collaboration. One of our goals for this year is to use our webinars, videos and training to help all our clients to maximize their usage and leverage the value of your Laserfiche system. We look forward to having you join us on the journey!



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