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Economic Doom and Gloom Aside: Laserfiche Is a Force Multiplier for Agencies

Despite the economic, pandemic, and tech jobs-related doom and gloom, we are hearing‒agencies continue to go from strength.

Public sector IT has been amazingly inventive in helping their workforce meet the obligations of COVID, WFH, and hybrid. It’s more than IT working with the business side of the agency, although that’s critical. Governments as entire institutions often work with other agencies or ISV Partners like CPS to ensure technology like Laserfiche is leveraged at the enterprise with the most value.

Because of the efficiencies gained using Laserfiche, it is often considered a workforce multiplier. For our purposes, a workforce multiplier refers to a tool or a combination of factors that gives agencies the ability to accomplish more extraordinary feats of citizen services with it than without it. However, many organizations do not fully understand their capabilities, how to use them, and, more importantly, how to integrate them correctly to excel in their business. Here are some questions to help you determine your issues: how do you know if your agency could benefit from such a tool?

  • Do you spend a lot of time processing citizen services and requests? What about business services or internal services?

  • Do you have capacity concerns? They are rising as government agencies need help to move quickly to modernize systems and utilize federal funds.

  • Is your staffing insufficient? Do you need more staff to solve the problem?

  • Are you frequently having to review and refine a process?

If your response to any of the above questions is affirmative, you need some assistance extending the efficiency of your workforce. Your next move is to look for opportunities where you can augment your workforce. For example, implementing technologies like Laserfiche because they are low code increases efficiencies with automation and ensures accuracy, including the ability to audit. Laserfiche is in high demand among local agencies because it helps short-staffed jurisdictions move quickly on modernization efforts.

Those agencies who own Laserfiche have shared with us that they are always looking for opportunities to leverage its features and functionality. One of our local agencies leveraged Laserfiche Forms and workflows to deploy COVID relief funds. Others are using Laserfiche to roll out GaaS,

Additionally, selecting a skilled Laserfiche Partner is critical. Aspects of information management are based on trust, and all Partners are not created equal. Genuine ECM experts understand that for an organization to have effective information management, it must cohesively incorporate physical and electronic information. LF Partners may or may not excel at support, records management, implementing workflows, or offering compliance advice. Based on first-hand knowledge, people and organizations should not be in the information management business, let alone in IT support services.



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