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Four in Four: What We Are Reading

We thought it would be helpful to share what we are reading about information management, evolving organizational behavior, trends in local government, and business process management. Here goes:

TL;DR- Silos are bad for organizational collaboration and a barrier to internal and external collaboration. Adverse effects include duplicate tasks, unengaged employees, and poor client interactions.

How Laserfiche helps- Laserfiche provides a single home for all your unstructured content plus has the workflow tools to automate, collaborate and avoid task duplication.

TL;DR- Industry analysts, Forrester Research Forrester scored the top 14 content platforms based on 25 different criteria. Laserfiche received the highest score possible in the Packaged Applications, Developer Support, and Execution Roadmap criteria.

Forrester notes, "Laserfiche continues to adapt its decades of content management knowledge into its SaaS platform while focusing on its strong community of customers in government, education, and mid-market regulated industries."

This is an excellent resource if you are looking for a respected, unbiased analyst report to include with a Laserfiche recommendation for your organization; this report will help.

TL;DR- The world has changed significantly. Employees are more demanding, and the "typical" IT support actions will no longer suit this new ecosystem which includes long-term WFH.

How Laserfiche helps- Laserfiche provides secure, cloud-based, or on-premises, anytime, anywhere, access to an organization's remote staff. Workflows can also be implemented so staff can spend less time on simplistic paper-based processes. If you are worried about cyber security, Laserfiche can be a part of a Trusted System.

TL;DR- Digital technologies help city, county, and state governments save both time and money by shaving weeks or months off project timelines and digitizing processes that enable them to do more while managing during staff shortages.

How Laserfiche helps- Digitization is the key to today's municipalities. Whether it's automating public records requests through a web portal or ensuring the accuracy of records management—Laserfiche provides the tools for today's and tomorrow's municipal government.



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