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Here's How to Tell if Your Laserfiche Partner is Investing in You

When an organization purchases enterprise software, they often calculate a total cost of ownership to analyze their return on investment. At CPS, we invest in our organization, certainly. However, we also consider some of the work we do for our clients as investing in our clients, future clients, and the California territory.

Here’s a brief example. A Laserfiche end-user contacted us. There was some confusion about their Laserfiche usage so they gave us access to their repository for a conference call. The repository wasn’t very well organized, so we could see why Laserfiche wasn’t performing as well as it should (note file structure and metadata are everything.) Our tech guy said, “Give me ten minutes, and I can make some quick changes that will help, no charge.” And he did. The Laserfiche end-user was thrilled. I can honestly say that we wish Laserfiche to work as intended because we all have a reputation (which is a form of investment) to protect in the California territory, so we are willing to recalibrate a file structure for free.

Upskilling you

While Laserfiche is easy-to-use however, ECM (as an initiative) can be incredibly complex and needs to be implemented carefully. We understand that no matter how well Laserfiche is installed and customized, it’s not a set-it-and-forget-it proposition. No business software is, so we emphasize training and offer unlimited training as a part of our VIP support. We see training as an opportunity for our clients to ask us, “What else can we do with Laserfiche?” And then, we show them.

Is your current Partner encouraging your team to learn more about Laserfiche? Are they topping up your training hours? Are they providing free access to training videos? Are they nickel and dining you when it comes to additional hours? We hope not, but it is worth asking when you renew your Laserfiche support.

They communicate with empathy

Sometimes, we need to increase our pricing, an additional charge, or some other bad news. No one likes to deliver or receive that kind of news. We hope you know that we generally only increase pricing to offer more value, not to increase margin. Typically, we’ll take feedback and identify similar requests or unmet needs. This is followed by investment in developing new products and services by CPS, resulting in unique benefits that clients value. In short, we center you, the customer, and try to understand how you derive value in everything that we do.

How we offer support services, a call back within the hour from a senior tech, short, impromptu training on the fly, etc., reflects the empathy we feel for our clients. We are enterprise software clients too. Whenever we’re having support issues with one of our vendors and not getting timely attention, we see it as a lesson to do better for our clients.

They treat their people well, so their people treat YOU well.

We think we’ve got one of the best support teams among the Laserfiche Partner Channel. If you are one of our clients, we’ll notice minimal turnover. As an employee-owned company, we can provide a high level of service because the team has skin in the game, and everyone is rewarded for good work. This year we won Laserfiche’s coveted Customer’s Choice Award. This award is based on Net Promoter Scored interviews with our clients.

These are some ways to discern that your Partner is investing in YOU. If you like what you are reading and want to learn, please, contact us.



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