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(In No Particular Order) Top Ten Reasons to Use CPS for Your Laserfiche Support

Many of our clients come to use after their first year of using Laserfiche. I like to think it's because we

spend more time training, customizing, and building workflows than we do “selling” the product. We invest in your success. Here are a few reasons why our clients are happy:

VIP clients receive unlimited anytime/anywhere training, at all skill levels.

  • We are a trusted, award-winning, technology partner to over 150 clients for over a decade.

  • 30% of our clients have switched from other Laserfiche Partners.

  • Our support team has over 80 years of hands-on Laserfiche experience.

  • Our head-of-development is a Ph.D. and long-time, hands-on, developer, himself.

  • Your success is our success. Our expertise and technical skill-set combined with our broad industry knowledge make us the team you want at your table.

  • If you need support you get on the phone with a skilled tech rather than leaving a message and getting a call-back with a low-skill-level operator.

  • CPS is a one-stop-shop for your Laserfiche needs including customizations, integrations, app development, and training. CPS provides turnkey solutions including records management, contract management, trusted systems, invoice and payment processing, etc.

  • CPS has the highest ratio of support staff per customer among California Laserfiche Service Providers.

  • CPS is a proud sponsor of organizations such as CCAC, MISAC,

and IACP.

Have I convinced you? :) If you are interested in learning more, please let us know!



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