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Interesting Industry Statistics and Our Thoughts about Them

While reading about the ECM/Content Services/Information Management industry, we found some interesting statistics. We thought it would be fun to share our thoughts about them. Here goes!

52% of organizations have three or more ECM/DM/RM systems, and 22% have five or more systems- AIIM

This is very market dependent. Also, I’d be curious as to the size of the responding organization. Three or more sounds high to me. Possibly two, sure. Or it’s a matter of a legacy system and a current system. Perhaps one department rebelled and bought its own specialty system. The organization could have SharePoint, and those who don’t like it might use Dropbox, Box, or some consumer product. I wonder if the survey included the definition of ECM, DM, and RM systems. One could argue that the single repository dream has died, and that’s why enterprise and AI-led search are critical now. It could also be the case that the deployment wasn’t thought through, or they didn’t take feedback, or the ECM system is supposed to be invisible to the users but isn't actually.

According to Gartner, 82% of companies plan to allow employees to continue working from home for the foreseeable future.

8 in 10 participants say they need to access corporate documents on their mobile device- AIIM

Having just dug into the date of this survey, I know why the number is so high. It was taken in June 2020―so, deep into the time of COVID. The WSJ is announcing that WFH is defunct. Tech companies are laying off in droves and revoking WFH privileges. I think specific industries will continue to allow WFH in a more controlled way, the public sector, for instance. Regardless, most organizations' employees still require access to their records anytime, anywhere, if they are at a client site, working late after office hours, from home, if they are field workers, etc. Oh, and I agree with the mobile device access statistic. Actually, I am surprised it’s not 9 or 10 in 10.

80% of surveyed workers say they’ve had to recreate documents that already exist on the corporate network because they couldn’t find them- Archimag 2020 IM Survey

(Raises hand) I’ve recreated documents. More than once. And then found the original later, usually with the wrong template or some incorrect data fields. The trouble is you think you’ll remember how to find it, but you won’t. You’ve got to make certain the template assigned to it is correct. You may not have the rights and privileges to do so. To me, this statistic seems valid.

For fun, I googled “Why do knowledge workers recreate documents,” and the first few results all referenced SharePoint. Hilarious, but not really. I then looked up searching in SharePoint tips, and it was very complicated.



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