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MISAC 2023 Conference:Thoughts, Trends, and Cookies

We recently attended the yearly MISAC conference, and to quote our enthusiastic CFO, Claude, “It was the best event they’ve had yet!” To this end, we wanted to share some of what we learned, so we sat down with Claude and Jamie to hear everything!

How was the show from a 30,000-foot perspective?

Claude: It was great! You already quoted me. Attendance was up for the vendors and MISAC members. There were multiple attendees from many of the agencies. It’s good for the IT staff to attend (along with the manager) because they are the ones that are hands-on. As we had Joe (our VP of PSG) with us, we had some great technical conversations at the booth.

Jaime: Timing-wise, the show really worked. We got to speak with some agencies who were considering moving their Laserfiche deployments to CPS. We were able to communicate our technical expertise. We also heard that our clients speak well of our support and services on the listserv. I witnessed one client say:

“If you need basic support for Laserfiche, most vendors will do. If you are looking for a partner to work with you and suggest innovative proven solutions, then you have to go with CPS.” -Edgar Trenado, Information Services Officer, The City of Claremont.

He was able to articulate the fundamental differences between CPS and other Laserfiche Partners: first, we take the partnering part really seriously, and second, we bake innovation into our client work. We want to help them get to excellence in digital citizen services. Third, we are grateful that we have such a great client base to collaborate with. When a client touts your support and services for you, that means your reputation is positive, which is what we are constantly working on.

Did you note any trends?

Claude: Continued interest in Laserfiche Forms because they are robust and flexible. And organizations are still implementing Trusted Systems. We were in front of that one, but it had a long tail. We also had some conversion conversations. We can get both the image and the metadata from these legacy systems; not every Laserfiche Partner can do that. Additionally, agencies always have new Laserfiche projects they want to work on with us.

Jamie: Much like last year, we’re still discussing backfile conversions since everyone is digitizing. It’s a considerable effort for most organizations. I think the next thing will be automating their retention schedules.

So what’s next?

Claude: We’ve got some projects to follow up on and some conversations to continue. We’re still having quite a few Laserfiche Cloud migration conversations. Overall, I think it’s interesting how many residents and local businesses experience discussions we have. I point our clients to the La Quinta webinar as they are a great example.

Were the cookies a hit?

Jamie: YES! We only had two left. You need a little sugar to power through a busy conference. The drone giveaway was also very popular.



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