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NGOs Benefit from Digital Transformation (Part Two)

Last week we discussed how NGOs leverage Laserfiche for their digital transformation efforts. This week we’ll explore more of the how and the why regarding more non-government organizations leveraging ECM tools as an imperative for doing business in today's volatile markets.

No matter the industry, you need to maintain regulatory compliance

To ensure compliance, every company has to comply with laws and regulations. During an audit or when an inspector knocks on your door, you must demonstrate that your business is compliant by presenting all the required documentation. The documents they need range from operating licenses and permits to proof of fee payments, employee documentation, and CAPAs. Some industry segments, like the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, and food industries, require special licenses.

To this end, implementing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) tools using Laserfiche helps control documents' storage and effective management through a single repository, ensuring ongoing compliance.

One of our clients, Florida Marine Transporters, uses Laserfiche to maintain compliance with Coast Guard regulations. Here’s one way they operate the system:

“We follow TMSA (Tanker Management and Self Assessment) guidelines, including auditing as part of the KPIs. The Coast Guard performs audits, and so do some of our clients. Then, of course, we self-audit. Every vessel has a folder in Laserfiche. There might be 40 years worth of paperwork on a boat, and they want to see all of it. When the auditors come in, we show them where everything is and run whatever reports they require. We keep our CAPAs (Corrective And Preventative Actions) in Laserfiche.”

Bills of lading (BOL)

A bill of lading is one of the most critical documents in manufacturing. It serves three primary purposes: it acts as a receipt for shipment, evidences the contract of carriage, and serves as a document of title. A BOL contains all the details needed to process the movement of goods and invoice those goods correctly.

The BOL process can be even more efficient when integrated with accounting processes, eliminating manual entry and validating BOL data with business systems. This integration gives the manufacturers several advantages, such as:

  • The ability to process more BOLs with fewer errors

  • Generating invoices faster with a shorter time to collection

  • Improve shipment times with higher throughput and fewer mistakes

While our last two articles have detailed how NGOs can leverage Laserfiche to streamline efficiencies and maintain compliance, many other use cases exist. If you are interested in learning more, please get in touch with us at



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