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"The MISAC Event Was Amazing!"

It’s that time of year, and I don’t mean pumpkin spice latte season. Last week our team got together with a few hundred California Information Services folks at the yearly MISAC event. The conference was held at a beautiful resort in Rancho Mirage, CA. A few days later, we debriefed with, Claude Schott (CFO) and Jamie Dunn (VP of Sales), and their enthusiasm for the event was palpable as the title of this blog is the first thing Jamie said when asked about the show.

Gentlemen, what was your high-level impression of the event?

Jamie: It was great seeing big groups of people again. I am so glad they did the event in person this year. 90% of the attendees knew Laserfiche and generally what it does. Plus, we gave away cookies with the CPS logo, and everyone likes cookies.

Claude: Because attendees know Laserfiche and us, we are really approachable. The Booth traffic was excellent. We had a special guest, Jesse Chartfauros, from restorVault, to support our Trusted Systems alliance. Jesse had a giveaway that went to Rancho Mirage. Also, our lottery for the two drones was quite a hit. The attendees from Upland and San Dimas won. For us, MISAC is the best show of the year.

What were the attendees talking about at the CPS booth?

Claude: This year, the buzz was all about services and support. Everyone knows Laserfiche, and there were other Laserfiche Partners at the event. Attendees asked what the differences were between our services and support and the other partners. And we have a good story to tell with our VIP support.

Jamie: Yes, services and in particular, service providers. And there was some concern about one partner that changed ownership and it had a negative impact on the clients. This is too bad, Because we are an EOC, we are architected for a higher caliber of support. We engage support clients within the hour and it’s a senior tech, not an operator, who calls them.

Were there any particular service trends that attendees wanted to talk about?

Claude: Our VIP Support tier, in particular, the unlimited on-site support and training hours. I think that this practice allows us to engage in a more enterprise manner. For example, our Laserfiche implementations tend to have more customizations and are integrated into the clients’ tech stack. Plus, we really push business processes because they offer a lot of value for the client.

Jamie- Unlimited support and training is a real competitive advantage for CPS because most other partners tap out at 20 hours. When the client wants to do customization or another project, and they are out of hours, it doesn’t happen, it’s disappointing for them. Clients don’t have that worry with us.

Claude: The yearly CPS Sys Check is also intriguing. Municipalities appreciate the best practices we’ve developed over the years, especially our methodology with templates and metadata.

Speaking of business processes, we’ve got a webinar scheduled at the end of October which will include a deep dive into Laserfiche Business Processes. You can register here!

Sounds like the event was a huge success! Thanks for your time, guys!



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