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3/31 Was World Backup Day

Did you know that March 31st was World Backup Day? Me either! As my niece would say. “Everything has a day, now.” I am having fun with the notion, but regardless backups are critical to your organization and are a critical component of your digital transformation.

Next to IP and employees, data is probably the most valuable asset of any organization. Protecting it has become a top priority for institutions worldwide. 2020 saw organizations under attack as a result of WFH and other pandemic-related operational shifts. From a cybersecurity standpoint, the need to accommodate these pivots opened the door to cybercriminals. Hence, there was a significant increase in ransomware, data breaches, and hacks–further emphasizing the importance of backups. Backup and documentation are together the most-often neglected facets of IT operational management. Why? Backups usually don’t contribute directly to revenue generation. But this is a fatal mistake: ignoring backup and documentation can cost a corporation millions of dollars, even in typical litigation or disaster recovery scenarios.

If nothing else, 2020 has taught us the importance of incorruptible backup. Today’s backup is now automated across, systems, platforms, and virtual environments. As attacks become more insidious backed up data requires making it immutable and eliminating any way that data can be deleted or corrupted. Thereby reinforcing the need for a Trusted System. Trusted Systems are called such because of the concept of Trusted Recovery. In short, Trusted Recovery provides assurances that after a failure or crash, the system is just as secure as it was before the failure or crash occurred.

Recently we teamed with restorVault and created a Trusted System. A Trusted System ensures that a full copy of the organization’s records is stored safely and securely in media, separately from the onsite system. The copy must not permit unauthorized additions, deletions, or changes to the original records. If it’s important to your organization from a compliance perspective, having a Trusted System fulfills AIIM’s recommended practices in addition to California Government Code 12168.7. We created a webinar to show the product. Then we backup files, reenact the hack, then show a restoration. The system recovery includes the restoration of all affected files and services actively in use on the system at the time of the failure or crash. Any missing or damaged files are restored, any changes to classification labels corrected, and settings on all security-critical files are then verified.

Anywho, short post today. Check out the video of the webinar and contact us with questions or content!



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