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ECM and Laserfiche Myth-Busting (Part One)

Once you spend time in an industry, you’ll notice that there are “facts” about the industry in the zeitgeist that aren’t necessarily true. We see this in enterprise content management and about Laserfiche all the time. We thought it would be valuable (and fun) to do some myth-busting.

First, let’s agree on the definition of myth-busting. I like this one from Cambridge Dictionary:

“Saying or showing that something generally thought to be true is not, in fact, true or is different from how it is usually described.”

Ready? Here goes.

ECM Myth #1- Our organization is way too small for ECM, and it will cost a million dollars

Organizations of all sizes will find ECM beneficial, if not life-changing. ECM will help you maintain compliance with audit trails and reporting if you operate in a highly regulated environment. Actually, today, most businesses do operate in a highly regulated environment. Additionally, most organizations must perform in a digital environment to best serve their clients. Today’s customers expect services to be initiated and deployed via the web. And business owners need the flexibility of any time/anywhere access; the ability to work remotely is just as critical for one-person organizations as for larger ones. Small organizations are equally as likely to enter into litigation, and ECM eases much of the pain of discovery and document production. Finally, suppose you have clients that depend on your product or service. In that case, It’s prudent to ensure you have a business continuity plan to stay up and running no matter the circumstance (wildfire, hurricane, earthquake) or occurrence (hack). A quick recovery and relaunch of your business is possible if you leverage ECM tools in a trusted system.

These are just some of the reasons your business isn’t too small for ECM. We didn’t even touch on cloud ECM's benefits for small organizations. You don’t need to worry about servers, hardware, or having an IT department. Your Laserfiche Partner can configure your Laserfiche Cloud system, essentially plug-and-play.

ECM Myth #2- We’ll need to convert all of our paper files, and it will cost many, many thousands

The majority of our clients only convert some of their documents. In fact, it’s often best practice NOT to convert everything, and most organizations take a today-forward approach to scanning. For Laserfiche conversions, CPS pricing is quite fair, so organizations don’t have to do their own conversions unless they want to.

Here’s an article we wrote on the types of conversions and how to tell what’s right for you. This piece will help you to determine whether to scan or store records.

We hope we’ve convinced you that no organization is too tiny for ECM, and backfile conversions can be small and come in under a million. Stay tuned for our next piece busting another set of ECM Myths…..



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