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Thank You to Our Clients for Ten Years of Collaboration and Support

Client Service and Support is Why We Are in Business

As of mid-May of this year, we (at CPS) have been in business for a decade. And my core team has been together for 20 years. So first, I want to say a heartfelt thank you to all of our clients. Secondly, during this volatile, uncertain time, I wanted to ensure that you know that:

  • We’re in this business long-term. My team has been deploying, supporting, customizing, and integrating Laserfiche for twenty years. And by the team, I don’t mean the corporate shell. I mean a group (I can literally point to individuals) of highly-educated, highly-experienced individuals leveraging their combined experience to better serve you, our client.

  • We understand Local Government- Over 80% of my clients are municipalities and law enforcement agencies. We’ve “done this” with organizations just like yours. We understand the pitfalls and the wins. Interestingly, while there are many good Laserfiche resellers, in California, if an agency goes out to bid, and we are not awarded the deal. Often, we’ll pick up the agency when they renew their support. This is because we’ve worked hard at building our support and service reputation. We’re not “the sales guys” we ARE the “support and service guys.” Ultimately, we strive to be the “relationship guys.”

  • We very rarely lose clients to other Laserfiche partners- Why? We take your municipalities’ comfort with our team very seriously. We don’t want to be a tech partner that’s “fine.” We work hard to be the partner that “took the extra effort to be sure that we were comfortable” or ”built a cool workflow that saves us time” or “CPS ensures we never have to worry about the system going down.” Bottom line: other Laserfiche partners want more coming in the front door than leaves out the back door. At CPS we locked the back door.

  • We are here, no matter what- As a local government, you’re on 24/7/365 for your clients, no matter what, wildfires, earthquakes, pandemics, you’ve got to maintain continuity. We see the level of support you give to your constituents as a benchmark of the level of support we offer you.

  • There’s a saying that when all is said and done, all we have is our word. And we endeavor every day to ensure that ours is good. We hope that has been your experience with us.

Thank you, again to all our clients. If there’s ever anything you ever need please contact us.



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