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Clerks at the California League of Cities Conference Ready for Substantive Records Management Conversations

We just attended our last show of the year, The League of California Cities Elections Conference. We’ve not participated in this show before, but it was recommended to us by a client. Once again, we sat down with Claude and Jamie to get all the hot gossip!

How was the show?

Claude: Quality-wise, it was exactly who we were looking to meet. Quite a few customers stopped by and were entirely complimentary. Some clients wanted to discuss the next steps for current projects. 

Unlike some other shows, those who stopped the booth wanted to have substantive conversations about records management, automating retentions, trusted systems, etc.

Jamie: I had some excellent conversations about contract usage. It’s crucial to make Laserfiche easy for agencies to procure. We had some competition at the show, but our booth was much busier than theirs. We will exhibit at this show again!

What kind of next steps did you talk about?

Claude: Automating document ingestion and putting retention schedules into Laserfiche. That’s the stage where many accounts are now, and we were also speaking with clerks at this event. 

Jamie: And Forms-- we always talk about forms. They are so flexible they are the answer to many ingestion problems.

(Editor’s note: Forms frequently come up when I speak to clients. It’s really not hyperbole)

What stage of records management did you discuss? I’m trying to get a sense of maturity.

Claude: Believe it or not, some municipalities still manage paper records. And that’s fine; before now, perhaps they’ve not had a compelling reason to change. Now they do, though. Others are using products that aren’t purpose-built (for records management), like Laserfiche, so they have non-compliant legacy systems, which they must decide about.

Jamie: And there were Laserfiche users that weren’t happy with their solution providers.

Also, as usual, I talked about backfile conversions for those on legacy systems.

If you could tell all the attendees one thing, what would that be?

Claude: You’ve got to get your records and retentions automated and ensure you have a compliant, trusted system. Now is the time.

Jamie: I would add that we’ve done this process hundreds of times. So, if you are hesitant, we’ve got you. Let us help make your life easier! We’ve got the best client training program (ask me about VIP). We can make backfile conversions less arduous and help build out that trusted system. Contact me



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