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Dallas PD Lost 22 TB of Data- Is Your Agency at Risk?

Short Post Today!

If you are a Government Technology reader, one of the most popular current articles is about a Dallas Police employee who accidentally deleted 22 TB of case files when migrating data between servers. The good news is they could recover 14 TB, but the (bad news is) the remaining 8 TB are gone, gone, gone.

I feel for the Tech team, what a major whoops. A now-retired, Director of IT, client had a term for these situations. He called them a “Channel Four Moment,” meaning that he dreaded the news coverage his organization would receive if there was a breakdown in IT. Just like the Dallas data loss.

As Technology Service Providers, we’ve had our share of emergency tech support calls about a staff member accidentally deleting files. The most recent was because the records manager accidentally deleted all the files from the planning department. It happens. I was able to recover the files, but the city got lucky.

And, sometimes, you get hacked.

The point of this post is that one way or another, you are going to lose files. Hence, you need to plan for the recovery, now. So that your “Channel Four Moment” is either entirely averted or you become the local data hero.

Earlier this year, we teamed with restorVault and developed what is known as a Trusted System. A Trusted System ensures that a full copy of the organization’s records is stored safely and securely in media, separately from the onsite system. The copy must not permit unauthorized additions, deletions, or changes to the original records. If it’s important to your organization from a compliance perspective, having a Trusted System fulfills AIIM’s recommended practices in addition to California Government Code 12168.7. We created a webinar to show the product In short, we backup files, reenact the hack, then show a restoration. However, the recovery could just as well be files that were accidentally deleted. The system recovery includes the restoration of all affected files and services actively in use on the system at the time of the failure or crash. Any missing or damaged files are restored, any changes to classification labels corrected, and settings on all security-critical files are then verified.

If you want to learn more about Trusted Systems or strategize about mitigating data loss in Laserfiche please give me a shout:



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